Pennello da Barba Semogue Excelsior 1305


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Maniglia in legno di faggio, in formato anatomico, e setola Semogue Premium 90% Tops. 

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Descrizione:  Maniglia in legno di faggio, in formato anatomico, e setola Semogue Premium 90% Tops.  

Pello: Setola Semogue Premium 90% Tops

Materiale dela Maniglia: Legno di Faggio

Nodo: 22mm

Lunghezza dei Pelli: 55mm

Lunghezza della Maniglia: 53mm

Diametro della Base della Maniglia: 34mm

Diametro Minimo della Maniglia: 26mm

Lunghezza Totale: 110mm

Peso: 59g

Porta Pennelli Compatibili: Semogue 0010, Semogue 0030, Porta Pennello Ribeira do Porto



1305 - A wonderful combination of soft tip and perfect backbone

Review: I have always loved the feel and look of Semogue brushes, and the 1305 has always stood out to me as a special looking brush. The green/cream white colour combination just looks traditional and classy. I have wanted one for some time now, and was excited to finally get my hands on one of these beautiful brushes. I own the 830 and had heard before that both brushes ‘use the same knot’. Although it is correct that both the 1305 and 830 contain Premium 90% Tops dyed boar hair, I will say that both brushes actually are and feel different, at least somewhat. The 830 contains 10% more hair in the knot than the 1305 - although the 1305 isn’t as densely packed as the 830 I have actually found that this can be a good thing! I plan to do a full comparison of both brushes in future as both brushes truly have their own character and strength, but I have found that the 1305 benefits from a little bit more backbone - thus far more so than the 830. The tips are super soft, and yet the backbone reminds me of the little 620, except for the important fact that the 1305’s larger 22mm knot (55mm loft) can hold a lot more lather. The 53mm handle on the 1305 is very comfortable to hold in my hand, but that’s always a personal thing. Of course, painted wood handles can chip when dropped and banged around – I, as most, look after my gear, but if it gets chipped it’ll just add to the brush’s classic character. Loading hard soaps, soft soaps and any cream has been a real breeze. Loading and face lathering hard soaps such as Mitchell’s Woolfat, or Tabac is easy with this brush, and any cream I tried this with was a pleasure to lather also. This brush makes a wonderful face latherer, as well as a great addition into any bowl latherers den. I feel this Semogue has a wonderful combination of softness and backbone, and doesn’t come off as scratchy at all. I highly recommend this brush – this one is quickly becoming one of my regular drivers, alongside my 830. Even if you own the awesome 830, the 1305 is certainly worth checking out.

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Pennello da Barba Semogue Excelsior 1305

Pennello da Barba Semogue Excelsior 1305

Maniglia in legno di faggio, in formato anatomico, e setola Semogue Premium 90% Tops.